Passion of the Night

Silent Songs

The warmth of your skin against mine
Your breath warm upon my shoulders
I count the stars glowing in your eyes
As I hold your frame gently in my arms

I feel the sweat break upon your breast
And stars exploding in your liquid eyes
The music of your heart in your moans
And the caresses of the moon’s gentle silk

My soul, in a haze, intoxicated from the wine
Surging forth from your passionate eyes
I feel the night plucking my inner strings
And my notes blend with your soft ones

You send rays of a gentle but passionate fire
To the heart of the pearls of dew gliding down
Upon the silken rays of the ecstatic moon
Embracing the leaves in orgasmic joy

Your irises, out of focus, circumambulate
The gasping moon in large dizzy circles
Your heaving breasts cause my inner strings
To resonate, a deep and…

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