SISTAR Releases Bora Teaser Image for New Single Entitled (I Shit You Not) ‘Give It To Me’

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SISTAR-Bora Give it to me

SISTAR moves fast and furious with how quickly they’ve unleashed Bora’s teasers for SISTAR’s upcoming single ‘Give It to Me’.

Summer is here and that means that SISTAR is gonna wreck all your shit. After last year’s outstanding run of ‘Alone’ and ‘Loving U’, SISTAR solidified their status as legitimate K-Pop A-Listers. Yesterday, the group announced that they would have a comeback in a couple weeks and today they have decided to remind everyone why they conquered the K-Pop world last year with some teaser images of Bora looking hotter than molten lava for SISTAR’s new single ‘Give It to Me’. Details are as follows:

SISTAR announced their comeback yesterday, and we already have Bora‘s teaser image!

In the teaser photo, Bora looks stunning in black, sitting gracefully on a ring. The photo seems to hint that they’ll have a darker concept like “Alone” instead of “

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