JUST A THURSDAY BLAST!- tiring yet enjoying!

All of us were really busy preparing for the
Frehsmen Welcome Party.
But nothing will beat the efforts of the
Architecture students in making the facade of our
booth successful! They were really awesome!
Very artistic!

I was the executive head of the event yet I wasn’t
really good. It was still Tiray, Mellie, Bolen,
Joco, JC, Jessa, and the archi students who
had great contributions that’s why our booth
and the evnt was successful.

The only thing aside from buying the materials
from the hardware was that I helped in preparing
the booth in the afternoon, and made myself looked
gorgeous that night because of my goddess attire.

I really helped in promoting our organization,
and I kept on convincing the freshmen and other
year levels to join our organization.

I was really hungry all day!
I was like, hey, you’ve got food, how ’bout me?
But thinking my little efforts, I must not
anymore complain because I didn’t even joined the
parade in the morning and getting hungry was
also’s everybody’s problem.

Really had fun specially taking pictures with
other people and my crushesssss.
Eugene and Justin! Oh gosh! Why am I older than
them? I wish I was youger.

Anyway, they won’t like me. I’m a loud girl.
They like pretty feminine girls.
I’m pretty but not as feminine like other girls
out there…

Enough of the drama PLEASE.

I wanna Thank the LORD for this WONDERFUL DAY!



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