Review: 2NE1 “Falling In Love” Takes Back to the Basics Way Too Seriously

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falling in love 2ne1 covewr

2NE1 has always been a group which has been fearless in its genre bending tendencies, which makes “Falling In Love” such a mildly deflating surprise.

“Falling In Love” is the kind of single that would have worked for 2NE1 when it debuted. The K-Pop group that burst onto the scene with reggae inspired hip-hop by way of pop music has changed itself multiple times over the past three years, with varying levels of success. From the undeniably great “Fire” and “Clap Your Hands” to the very good pure pop singles “Ugly” and “Lonely” to the more risky “I Love You”, 2NE1 has never played it safe when it came to their singles. They braved new paths each time, and they didn’t allow labels to be easily attached to their sound. What makes “Falling In Love” notable is that it appears to be a return to debut form for…

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