Review: Brown Eyed Girls – “Kill Bill” Oh Hey Look, a Good Music Video

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beg kill bill cover

Though it may not be incredibly fair given the ready-made concept, there is little denying that the Brown Eyed Girls have made another stellar music video for “Kill Bill”.

The Brown Eyed Girls can somehow even make homages seem fresh. Part of it is due to the sheer professionalism that the quartet have earned over a very long career. Part of it is due to the face that the four are incredibly talented and are still confident and daring in what they try to do. And part of it is due to the context of K-Pop, where the same dance-in-a-box concepts with the same sets, and same editing tricks make anything else seem revolutionary. So it is at once surprising and unsurprising that “Kill Bill”, a video that pretty much borrows some filming tricks from Tarantino beat for beat, is still one of the more well made and put together…

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