What A Gemini Wants (repost from tumblr)

Gemini women will be one of the more challenging women to interpret what they want. While being fun loving, adventurous, and carefree, she will change and frequently. This woman is hard to pin down, but she will be captivating with her good looks and brilliant charm. Going after this particular breed of woman, a man will need to maintain a forgiving nature and intense sense of flexibility. Born under the fleet footing Mercury, these ladies will be continually on the move in search of the next best and the newest of novelties. She is the true definition of changing like the wind.


In their lives, Gemini’s want to keep the motion and movement up, progressing forward at all times. This tends to keep her talkative and highly adaptable. She is also quite playful and will want to bring your own childlike side out to play. She will see to perpetually be in a good mood. This will have her seeming as thought she is in her own cloud nine. Gemini women are light spirited but also prone to indecisiveness as well as Attention Deficit Disorder, making it sometimes a challenge to keep this woman’s emotional and physical attention. The Mate for a Gemini woman will need to bring their patience and a lot of flexibility to the table for the woman born of the Twins. What will be true today, may not be tomorrow but most likely will be true the day after.


They do also have quite the nurturing side and will be able to make an excellent mother. She will also be able to provide a home for her family and a loving partner for her mate. But to keep her from getting restless and despondent, it is best to make sure she continues her interests outside the home as well.

Keeping her active will be the key to her longevity.


In Love, she will be a sweetheart in the moment and will show her interest and devotion at the time. But these Gemini women will often get bored easily and will want to shift things about. This may translate to many lovers and the occasional promiscuity. She has no need for roots as she loves her freedom. Even with the tendency of thinking too much, she will frequently change her mind. Gemini females do not show a lot of emotion and will need her mate to be calm in that regard. Expecting her heart and soul to soon will be seen as clingy to the Gemini woman. Keeping everything as relaxed as possible will keep her attention. Some Gemini ladies may have the tendency for emotional claustrophobia and will need a certain amount of freedom and allowance for independence if a relationship with her will last. This woman will not be focused on commitment and settling down right away. They are eternally young at heart and will only plant roots when they are ready.


Not much with this woman will be straight forward. She will see two sides to everything. This has often give Gemini women the reputation of being “two-faced” or even having split personalities. She will want you to see her innate dual nature as a dual perspective, and chances are likely that she already knows this shape shifting side of her personality. She does mean well and always has the best intentions. It’s sometimes the long term that will be a problem, while the right now is perfect.


This woman will want an element of mystery with her lover, keeping her guessing and always staying “new” to her will keep her attention. While most would consider mind games as cruel and unusual punishment, she will appreciate a little cunning and adventure. She will want to keep trying to figure out her mate. She will want him to remain in an air of mystery and keep her guessing with being a lot like a human puzzle. This woman will want to know everything about her lover and often will get a little nosey in doing so. Her ideal mate will need to be careful not to give in to her requests.


She will adore thought provoking gifts that have more of a meaning rather than a quality or function. Keep her thinking it’s a puzzle by offering gifts of notes as though for a treasure hunt. A first date to a theme park may be just her cup of tea. If she is practically active, going out to dance or a game of dark laser tag will build up the excitement and even sexual tension.


This woman, being an Air sign, she will be able to fill any space she is in. She will be charismatic and charming and will often be seen as the life of the party. With the right dress on, this free spirit can become quite the temptress. She, of all people, will be attracted to the bad boy rugged type. She will also be more inclined to a mate with an exciting position, especially in entertainment. She will be especially fond of other fire signs, especially Aries. Water signs will have to work a little harder for her affection but the gain in the sexual fire cracker will be worth it.


In bed, Gemini’s make amazing lovers. Their flexibility of nature makes them willing to do almost anything with her mate. Take this to be as kinky or as free spirited as you like as they will be willing to try anything they have not already mastered. This woman will be especially aroused with hand and shoulder massages. These will be major erogenous zones for this woman as it will not hurt for her mate to become an expert in this area to please this woman.


Gemini’s have the best intentions even while have a reputation for often being confusing and hard to understand. With simply keeping an open mind and a similar free spirit, there can be a match made with your Gemini woman.


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