Portabella Pizzas with Pepperoni and Black Olives

Inspiration: Why is pizza so delicious? I could probably eat it every single day (and did living in New York doing commercial real estate nyc) and not tire of it for quite some time, if ever. From frozen pizzas from the grocery store all of the way to the most gourmet pizza with goat cheese and arugula that we had in Paris, I just love them all. Luckily, I have some sort of self restraint every once in a while. And yet….I truly do need a good pizza fix every now and then. Who doesn’t?

What We Loved: The awesome thing about making a pizza on a portabella mushroom is that since mushrooms are already a great pizza topping, this is basically like eating a nice pile of pizza toppings. Perfect. I actually enjoyed these more than any meal that I’ve made in quite some time. All…

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