7 Weird Things That Can Straighten Your Hair

Beauty High

straight hair

You may think you know everything about managing your mane, but we’d bet that you’ve never heard of some natural, little-known solutions for battling all too common frizz. Rather than using chemical treatments or spending hours under the blow dryer, take one of the following strand-straightening treatments for a spin. You never know, you may find you new go to for gorgeous hair.

Sulfur: One of the little-known building blocks of hair, sulfur — taken as a supplement — can actually boost hair growth (keratin, the protein which hair is made of, contains high levels of sulfur). But sulfur can also contribute to straightening, as it’s the sufur atoms that helps keep your hair strong.

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Vodka: Yes, seriously. Emily Heser, senior stylist for Cutler Salon, says you can add a shot of vodka to your conditioner for…

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