10 Natural Remedies for Shrinking Your Pores

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how to shrink pores

Pores. No matter how clear or tiny yours are, they can always be smaller, right? Harsh treatments and even some serums can sometimes be counterintuitive by clogging up your pores further or, worse, spawning breakouts, though. So, we chatted with some top skin professionals to find out which natural remedies can really make a difference when it comes to smoother, flawless skin. Below are their top tips and recipes to shrink your pores — the natural way.

Rice: Skin guru David Pollock stresses the importance of using a gentle physical exfoliator every day. “Our skin is in a constant state of renewal, which can slow with age,” he says. “A physical exfoliator will scrub away dead, possibly dangerous, skin cells.” He suggests using a cleanser with rice or jojoba beadsthat won’t damage your skin and can be used everyday.

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Papaya, Lemon Juice and…

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