The 8 People In Your Life Who You’re Much Closer With Than You Realize

Thought Catalog

Skins (UK)Skins (UK)

1. Your cousin who you haven’t seen in years

Maybe she’s moved across the country, or maybe you haven’t seen her since that half-assed family reunion from 5 years ago where it was increasingly clear you no longer had that much in common. But no matter how far you grow apart from a non-distant relative, you’ll always have something in common — family.

During any major family crisis, you’ll hear from them. And sometimes, you might be coordinating and organizing with them. A cousin could be like a co-worker from the other side of the building, whom you also at ice pops with at age four.

2. Your childhood best friend

Whether you still remain close with him or haven’t talked to him in years, few people know you better than your childhood best friend. Sure, they have no idea who you’ve become — but while everyone else…

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