10 Little Firsts In Relationships That Let You Know You’re With The Right Person

Thought Catalog

The first time you hang out together in silence and it’s super comfortable and they’re on their laptop next to you while you’re catching up on the latest episode of Parks & Rec and you’re just like, this is good, we’re good, and the fact that I don’t feel obligated to talk or entertain or come up with shit to talk about is my everything right now.

The first time you realize that, whoa, you like this person so much more than you ever liked anyone else before, even though they get on your nerves and make you absolutely insane and can get super moody — but you also realize that here in this moment, there’s no one else you’d rather fight with and that’s really cool.

The first time you are completely naked with each other and you don’t feel insecure even a little bit, you’re just like…

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