How To Live Alone For The First Time

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Having roommates is a cornerstone of life in your twenties. You probably first started out by living with a complete stranger in a dorm room. Chances are this person was a complete psycho who ate their own hair but, who knows, sometimes you get lucky. Then, by sophomore year, you get a place off-campus with your BEST FRIENDS FROM SCHOOL. The first few months will be pure ecstasy, buying wine goblets from IKEA, having house dinners, pre-gaming together on Saturday nights, and watching TV on a Sunday with your limbs all entangled like octopuses. It’s heaven until it’s hell, until there’s drama and someone ends the friendship and moves out. Still, it was fun while it lasted, right?

Eventually, you’ll reach a point in your life when you’ll want to live alone and can actually afford to do it. Even if it means moving further…

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