first time-hiker, first time on travelling solo




First climb! What a fulfillment!


My first ever climb… More mountains to climb!

Last May 16, 2015, it was my first time travelling alone. Technically alone because I didn’t invite anyone to come with me. I was a a total stranger to the groups of people inside the van. What’s good was that I had the confidence to befriend those who were with me (a compromise between me and them with regards to taking pictures HAHAHAHA!).

We left SM MOA at around 3:30 and arrived at Capas, Tarlac at around 6:30am. There we had breakfast at McDonald’s. Guys! Just a heads-up, you’ll only get a phone signal (all networks) at McDonalds’. Once you arrive at the Jump-off point, there’s no signal. Cons- can’t update your instagram post on the very moment you reach the Crater Lake.

Upon arriving at the Barangay, you just have to wait for the 4×4 vehicle that you’re going to ride and enjoy before you start trekking. It was definitely an off-road adventure, foe asthmatics and allergic people, just bring a gas mask because the dust on the way is like a face powder or a polvoron. Lol. And the best location is at the back where you can stand while enjoying the bumpy ride. Most of the 4×4 vehicles there were Toyota FJ40 land cruiser but I also saw an old Mitsubishi model as well as Jeep.




You will also pass by (on your left-side) the way to the Aeta Community. The driver and the Aeta tourist guide will stop somewhere before the start of the trek for photops and for you to meet some of the Aeta kids that are lingering around. We had 2 stop-overs. 🙂

First stop-over



Second stop over


Just a reminder, the Aeta driver and tour guides are friendly do you might as well give them food and water for their snack. 🙂

I even interviewed our Tour Guide and let him took most of my pictures, he’s very friendly and he said that they were taught how to speak in Tagalog.

You will also see biker clubs biking all the way and carrying there mountain bikes up the Crater Lake. (wow! they really have the stamina).


The funny thing during the hike was that, we saw this sign while we were trekking. This is a lie, before we saw this, we have already started the trek and to reach crater upon seeing this sign, it took us 45 minutes or 1 hour, depending on your excitement and strength.


Upon reaching the crater you can take pictures and eat there. Reminder, clean as you go. And you must bring a lot of water or food for you to avoid buying from the sellers there. Mind you, Coke Sakto costs 100 pesos, of course, who will take the effort of trekking just to sell? So it’s definitely justifiable.



Overall it was a fulfilling experience for me. Looking forward to climb more mountains!! Once in a while, travel while you are still able.. just make sure you save enough for your next trip whether you are alone, with friends, family, or special someone.


Soon.. Mt. Pico de Loro on December 2015!!




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