Julian Naval vs. Hermogenes Benavides

Obligations and Contracts

Case Digest

G.R. No. L-3348 July 26,1907

Julian Naval, Plaintiff-appellant


Hermogenes Benavides, defendant-appellee



On July 1904, the plaintiff entered into a written contract with the defendant for the construction of a house worth P5,730.00. Due to certain changes they agreed that the plaintiff will expend additional labor and materials in the construction of the house and the defendant should pay for the said additional labor and materials. The additional expenses amounted to P1,663.70 but the defendant insist that it was only a matter of two or three hundred pesos. The court made a judgement in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant for the sum of P270 with 6% interest from the date of the decision (February 19,1906) and for the cost. Both plaintiff and defendant presented an exception to the decision of the lower court. The plaintiff presented a bill of exceptions while the…

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Toribio vs. Foz (34 Phil. 913)

Obligations and Contracts

G.R. No. 11039           September 13, 1916

FELISA TORIBIO, plaintiff-appellee,
DOLORES FOZ, ET AL., defendants-appellants.

Vicente Foz for appellants.
Eugenio Testa for appellee.



On August 22, 1914, counsel for Felisa Toribio filed a complaint in the said court alleging as a cause of action, that the plaintiff sold to the defendant Dolores Foz and to her husband Buenaventura Toribio his rights to redemption and lease in the property having certificate of title No. 2263, issued by the register of deeds of the city of Manila, for the sum of P2,200, less that of P700 which the plaintiff owed to the defendant spouses.

The record shows, it to have been duly proven that the plaintiff, Felisa Toribio, was the owner of a parcel of urban property situated at the intersection of Calles Raon and Sales of the district of Santa Cruz, Manila, having certificate…

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Tolomeo Ligutan and Leonidas dela Llana vs. CA and Security Bank and Trust Company

Obligations and Contracts

G.R No. 138677 February 12, 2002

Tolomeo Ligutan and Leonidas dela Llana


Hon. Court of Appeals and Security Bank and Trust Company

Vitug, J. :  


On November 3, 1982 the Security Bank and Trust Company filed a complaint in Regional Trial Court of Makati against Tolomeo Ligutan and Leonidas dela Llana for obtaining a loan in the amount of P120,000.00 which they executed a promissory note binding themselves, jointly and severally to pay the sum borrowed with an interest of 15.189% per annum upon maturity and to pay a penalty of 5% every month on the outstanding principal and interest in case of default but the petitioners defaulted on their obligation. Two years later petitioners filed a motion for reconsideration but the court denied the motion. Then the petitioners interposed an appeal with the Court of Appeals, questioning the rejection by the trial court of their motion…

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Addison vs. Felix, 38 Phil. 404 (August 3, 1918)

Obligations and Contracts


Petitioner Addison sold four parcels of land to Defendant spouses Felix and Tioco located in LucenaCity. Respondents paid P3,000.00 for the purchase price and promised to pay the remaining by installment. The contract provides that the purchasers may rescind the contract within one year after the issuance of title on their name.

The petitioner went to Lucena for the survey designaton and delivery of the land but only 2 parcels were designated and 2/3 of it was in possession of a Juan Villafuerte.

The other parcels were not surveyed and designated by Addison.

Addison demanded from petitioner the payment of the first installment but the latter contends that there was no delivery and as such, they are entitled to get back the 3K purchase price they gave upon the execution of the contract.


WON there was a valid delivery.


The record shows that the plaintiff did not…

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The Roman Catholic Bishop of Jaro vs. Gregorio De La PeÑa

Obligations and Contracts

G.R. No. L-6913            November 21, 1913

GREGORIO DE LA PEÑA, administrator of the estate of Father Agustin de la Peña, defendant-appellant.

Lopez Vito, for appellant.
Arroyo and Horrilleno, for appellee.

FACTS: In 1898 Fr. De la Peña assigned as trustee of the sum of P6,641, collected by him for the charitable purposes he deposited in his personal account P19,000 in the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank at Iloilo. During the war of the revolution, Father De la Peña was arrested by the military authorities as a political prisoner. The arrest of Father De la Peña and the confiscation of the funds in the bank were the result of the claim of the military authorities that he was an insurgent and that the funds deposited had been collected by him is for revolutionary purposes. The money was taken from the…

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Gutierrez vs Gutierrez

Obligations and Contracts

G.R. NO. 34840


On February 2, 1930, a passenger truck and an automobile of private ownership collided while attempting to pass each other on a bridge. The truck was driven by the chauffeur Abelardo Velasco, and was owned by saturnine Cortez. The automobile was being operated by Bonifacio Gutierrez, a lad 18 years of age, and was owned by Bonifacio’s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Gutierrez. At the time of the collision, the father was not in the car, but the mother, together with several other members of the Gutierrez family were accommodated therein.

The collision between the bus and the automobile resulted in Narciso Gutierrez suffering a fractured right leg which required medical attendance for a considerable period of time.


Whether or not both the driver of the truck and automobile are liable for damages and indemnification due to their negligence. What are the legal…

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Perez vs Pomar 2 Phil. 682 (1903)

Obligations and Contracts


Perez filed in the Court of First Instance of Laguna a complaint asking the Court to determine the amount due him for services rendered as an interpreter for Pomar and for judgement to be rendered in his favor.

Pomar, on his part, denied having sought the services of Perez, contending that, Perez being his friend, he only accepted the services for they were rendered in a spontaneous, voluntary and officious manner.


Whether or not consent has been given by the other party.


Yes. It does not appear that any written contract was entered into between the parties for the employment of the plaintiff as interpreter, or that any other innominate contract was entered into, but whether the plaintiff’s services were solicited or whether they were offered to the defendant for his assistance, inasmuch as these services were accepted and made use of by the latter, there was…

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Jaravata vs. Sandiganbayan

Obligations and Contracts

G.R. No. L-56170 January 31, 1984


Franco L. Loyola and Sabas Cacananta for petitioner.

The Solicitor General for respondents.



On or about the period from April 30, 1979 to May 25, 1979, in the Municipality of Tubao, Province of La Union, Philippines, and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, Hilario Jaravata, being then the Assistant Principal of the Leones Tubao, La Union Barangay High School and with the use of his influence as such public official and taking advantage of his moral and official ascendancy over his classroom teachers, with deliberate intent did then and there wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously made demand and actually received payments from other classroom teachers, ROMEO DACAYANAN, DOMINGO LOPEZ, MARCELA BAUTISTA, and FRANCISCO DULAY various sums of money, namely: P118.00, P100.00, P50.00 and P70.00 out of their…

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ASJ Corporation and Antonio San Juan vs Spouses Efren and Maura Evangelista

Obligations and Contracts

G.R. No. 158086 Feb. 14, 2008


This case is a petition for review on certiorari on the decision of the Court of Appeals affirming the decision of the Regional Trial Court of Malolos, Bulacan Branch 9 in Civil Case No. 745-M-93.

Respondents Efren and Maura Evangelista are owners of R.M. Sy Chicks, a business engaged in selling chicks and egg by-products. For hatching and incubation of eggs, they availed the services of ASJ Corp., owned by San Juan and his family.

After years of doing business with the ASJ Corp., the respondents delayed payments for the services of ASJ Corp, prompting owner San Juan to refuse the release of the hatched egg. The respondents tendered Php 15,000 to San Juan for partial payment which San Juan accepted but he still insisted on the full settlement of respondents’ accounts before releasing the chicks and by-products. He also threated the respondents…

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People v. Campuhan

Fall in L(aw)ve. ♥

People vs Campuhan


            As provided for under Article 335 of the Revised Penal Code as amended by RA 7659, an automatic review of the case is brought before the Supreme Court. That on May 27, 1997, Primo Campuhan was convicted guilty of statutory rape and sentenced by the court a quo to the extreme penalty of death. The conviction was based on the statements of Ma. Corazon Pamintuan, the mother of the victim Chrystel, saying that on April 25, 1996, she found the accused kneeling down on his 4-year old daughter with his pants down and “forcing his penis into Chrystel’s vagina”. However, the accused kept his innocence and contested that Pamintuan’s statements were not credible for the latter has ill will against him.


            WON the accused committed a consummated statutory rape


            The records reviewed failed to show the proof whether Primo’s penis was…

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