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4 Steps to Get Started in Real Estate

Earning From Property - Tips and Techniques

by Carl Dy

With that in mind, they key strategy is to make sure you maximize your 24 hour cycle and create as much income stream as you can. You can categorize your income stream in 2 main categories: Man at Work, and Money at Work.

Man at work obviously refers to what you do with your phyiscal self. Your talents, skills and creativity in being a solution to a problem allows you to charge a certain fee. This…

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Earning From Property - Tips and Techniques

by Carl Dy

One of the paths to take to becoming wealthy is to make your money work as hard as you do. There is one thing that both the rich and the poor have equal amounts of. That is time, we all have 24 hours a day, and how much money you make (and save) in that daily 24 hour cycle will determine how early you are able to reach your financial goal.


With that in mind, they key strategy is to make sure you maximize your 24 hour cycle and create as much income stream as you can. You can categorize your income stream in 2 main categories: Man at Work, and Money at Work.

Man at work obviously refers to what you do with your phyiscal self. Your talents, skills and creativity in being a solution to a problem…

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Mt. Daraitan traverse to Tinipak River

Black Saturday Climb

Last March 26, 2016, I invited my friend and his friends to go hiking in Mt. Daraitan with side trip to Tinipak River. We left Eastwood at around 4am via private car. As far as I can remember we passed in Masinag and then Cogeo. Not really sure. Anyway, the view of the sunrise up the mountains while we were on the road was super amazing! We even opened our car windows and the wind was very cold and fresh. Very far from the polluted environment in the metro. 🙂

The major roads in Tanay are already okay for cars, in fact there are so many restaurants and inns around the area. But the road going to Brgy. Daraitan was very stressful. Be sure you have a spare tire or your tires are in good condition. Rocky road indeed. The weird thing was for a few meters you will encountered a smoothed and paved road and then another meters of rocky road just alternating with each other.

Once you reach the barangay, there is a parking space available and also comfort rooms. I think you have to pay 50php for the parking fee. The comfort rooms is just 5php but if you’re going to take a bath after swimming in the river, you have to pay 20php. The registration fee that we paid in the barangay is 100php. Its 20php per person. We had two guides. The other guide is a trainee. The good thing about our tour guide is that he oriented us first about the hike and then he asked us what trail we would like to pass.

There are 2 trails going to the peak of Mt. Daraitan. Long trail and short trail. Short trail si directly ends to the summit but difficult because of the assault. Good thing we chose the long trail since 2 of our guy hikers had leg cramps most of the time. Also we enjoyed the scenic view along the way. Long trail is not really difficult but for a first timer it would be challenging and of course tiring. It took us almost 4 hours to reach the summit and almost 3-4 hours to reach Tinipak River.

Well you can take a rest before taking a dip in the river. Just be careful because the water flows so fast you might end up somewhere. Safety is still a priority. Also there are many rocks in the river that might cause you danger as well.

If you want cold drinks you can buy while trekking there are vendors around selling ice candy, chilled coke, gatorade. Just don’t throw your trash elsewhere. Leave no trace policy. OK?

Void for vagueness doctrine

Atty. Alvin Claridades

Void for vagueness doctrine

The doctrine has been formulated in various ways, but is most commonly stated to the effect that a statute establishing a criminal offense must define the offense with sufficient definiteness that persons of ordinary intelligence can understand that conduct is prohibited by the statute. It can only be invoked against that specie of legislation that is utterly vague on its face, i.e., that which cannot be clarified either by a saving clause or by construction.

A statute or act may be said to be vague when it lacks comprehensible standards that men of common intelligence must necessarily guess at its meaning and differ in its application. In such instance, the statute is repugnant to the Constitution in two (2) respects – it violates due process for failure to accord persons, especially the parties targeted by it, fair notice of what conduct to avoid; and, it leaves…

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Phil. Legal Doctrines compiled by Atty. Alvin Claridades

Atty. Alvin Claridades

PHILIPPINE LEGAL DOCTRINES as compiled by Atty. Alvin T. Claridades


  1. Doctrine of absolute privilege. Doctrine that protects persons from claims alleging defamation where the alleged defamatory statements were made by members of legislative assemblies while on the floor of the assembly or communications made in the context of judicial proceedings, as part of a trial.
  2. Doctrine of absorption of common crimes. Also called Hernandez doctrine. The rule enunciated in People v. Hernandez [99 Phil. Rep 515 (1956)] that the ingredients of a crime form part and parcel thereof, and hence, are absorbed by the same and cannot be punished either separately therefrom or by the application of Art. 48 of the Rev. Penal Code. [Enrile v. Amin, GR 93335, Sept. 13, 1990]. It held that the crime of rebellion under the Rev. Penal Code of the Phils. is charged as a single offense, and…

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Amadeo Matute vs. Cheong Boo

Obligations and Contracts

Case Digest

G.R.No. L-11109 January 7, 1918

Amadeo Matute


Cheong Boo



On January 14, 1915, a contract was made between Amadeo Matute and Cheong Boo that the former should deliver and the latter should receive within the month of February of the same year a quantity of more than 300 and less than 500 piculs of mastic (almaciga) at the price of P8.50/picul. Matute performed his part and delivered on February 22, 1915 the almaciga to the defendant but he refused to accept delivery. The plaintiff thereupon stored the almaciga in a warehouse and he go to the court to file a case claiming for damages plus interest for not accepting the almaciga and the expenses of storing the almaciga in a warehouse.

Issue: Whether or not should the plaintiff can claimed for the damages?

Ruling: Yes, the defendant should comply with their contract and all…

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Magdalena State  v  Antonio& Herminia Rodriguez  (JNR)18 Scra 967 Dec 17, 1966

Obligations and Contracts

PETITIONER: Magdalena State

RESPONDENT:   Antonio & Herminia Rodriguez


Antonio & Herminia  bought 2,191 SQM lot in Quezon City  from Magdalena State. In view of the unpaid balance of 5,000  on account of purchase price, they executed promissory note for 5,000 which promised to pay with out any demand and with interest of 9 %  that payment be made within 60 days from Jan 1957.

On the same day, Antonio & Herminia executed also a bond on favor of Magdalena State which embodied bonding company Luzon Surety Company to pay the 5,000 balance to Magdalena, but the bonding company be notified in writing within 10 days from the moment there was default otherwise the undertaking become null and viod.

June 1957 the obligation becomes due and demandable the surety company paid Madalena State the 5,000, shortly thereafter, Magdalena demanded payment of 6.55.89 for accumulated interest on principal which was refused…

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Lucia Gomez, Et. Al. vs. Ng Fat, Et. Al.

Obligations and Contracts

Case Digest

G.R. No. L-93 and L-94 April 25, 1946

Lucia Gomez, ET Al.,


Ng Fat, ET AL.,



In these two cases, Dee Choy Pio Lee and Ng Fat failed to settle their payment in rental to the plaintiff from February 1945 up to the date of the complaint. The two answered the complaint that the plaintiff had stopped sending their collector. The court of First Instance of Manila rendered judgement in favor of the plaintiffs from which the defendants have appealed. The appellants defense is meritorious. That during that time there was acute house shortage in Manila and it is hard to believe that they would either desire or afford to lose their leaseholds at that time. It may also be remarked that appellants’ alleged default cannot give way to their ejectment, since it is attributable in part to plaintiffs’ omission or neglect to collect. The…

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