Mt. Daraitan traverse to Tinipak River

Black Saturday Climb

Last March 26, 2016, I invited my friend and his friends to go hiking in Mt. Daraitan with side trip to Tinipak River. We left Eastwood at around 4am via private car. As far as I can remember we passed in Masinag and then Cogeo. Not really sure. Anyway, the view of the sunrise up the mountains while we were on the road was super amazing! We even opened our car windows and the wind was very cold and fresh. Very far from the polluted environment in the metro. 🙂

The major roads in Tanay are already okay for cars, in fact there are so many restaurants and inns around the area. But the road going to Brgy. Daraitan was very stressful. Be sure you have a spare tire or your tires are in good condition. Rocky road indeed. The weird thing was for a few meters you will encountered a smoothed and paved road and then another meters of rocky road just alternating with each other.

Once you reach the barangay, there is a parking space available and also comfort rooms. I think you have to pay 50php for the parking fee. The comfort rooms is just 5php but if you’re going to take a bath after swimming in the river, you have to pay 20php. The registration fee that we paid in the barangay is 100php. Its 20php per person. We had two guides. The other guide is a trainee. The good thing about our tour guide is that he oriented us first about the hike and then he asked us what trail we would like to pass.

There are 2 trails going to the peak of Mt. Daraitan. Long trail and short trail. Short trail si directly ends to the summit but difficult because of the assault. Good thing we chose the long trail since 2 of our guy hikers had leg cramps most of the time. Also we enjoyed the scenic view along the way. Long trail is not really difficult but for a first timer it would be challenging and of course tiring. It took us almost 4 hours to reach the summit and almost 3-4 hours to reach Tinipak River.

Well you can take a rest before taking a dip in the river. Just be careful because the water flows so fast you might end up somewhere. Safety is still a priority. Also there are many rocks in the river that might cause you danger as well.

If you want cold drinks you can buy while trekking there are vendors around selling ice candy, chilled coke, gatorade. Just don’t throw your trash elsewhere. Leave no trace policy. OK?

TWIN DAY HIKE: Mt. Binacayan & Mt. Pamitinan

Last Chinese New Year, February 8, 2016, my friends and I went to Brgy. Wawa, Montalban, Rizal to have a twin day hike.

We rode a van from Cubao (near Jollibee Shopwise) going to Montalban, in fact the conductor asked us if we are going to Brgy. Wawa. The fare cost us 100 pesos back and forth. It took us 1 hour I think or 45 minutes to reach Montalban. It was early in the morning so there was no traffic.

We rode a tricycle going to Brgy. Wawa, driver as overpricing, 20 pesos each!!! but on our way home it was only 10 pesos per head >.<

Once you reach Brgy. Wawa, you will register first at the DENR office, there you will pay 2 pesos per head, write your name and contact number, after which they will tell you who’s your tour guide. The tour guide will let you register at the Barangay Hall. There’s a donation box there (well, it’s safe to put 20 peso bill or more).

We decided to climb first Mt. Binacayan.


It was first an easy trek with Mt. Paraoagan’s view but once you see the stair of limestones, the trek did not went easy. I suggest you wear shorts under your pants because my friend’s pants had us telling him RIPped jeans hahahaha! :p

wear footwear that is really for hikinf lilke sandugo sandals and just wear socks. Also you can bring your own gloves or buy near the area.

Mt. Paraoagan (Parawagan as seen from Mt. Binacayan during ascend)


It took us 4 hours to go up and down Mt. Binacayan.


overlooking WAWA RIVER


Limestones and friends
WAWA RIVER and Sierra Madre 
At the summit overlooking Mt. Pamitinan


Happy 3 friends
Wawa River



We decided to eat lunch first. After 45 minutes… we started trekking Mt. Pamitinan. Mt. Pamitinan is easier to climb than Mt. Binacayan but since we’re just beginners, it felt like the trail was harder because we were already tired.

Hanging Bridge over Wawa River

$ hours going up and down. The trail is more manageable.




Will be uploading more photos here 🙂

Thankful about God’s Creation. There’s so much mountains Philippines has to offer. I hope these mountains will continue to be protected areas by the government, and these areas, I hope so, will also be respected by tourists, and maintained by the locals.

Sadly, there are other hills and/or mountains that are being quarried, and some are being converted to subdivisions. That is really disturbing. Please do something about this DENR, LGUs and Philippine Government.

SOON.. Mt. Hapunang-Banoi. 🙂

Mt. Pico de Loro and Parrot’s Beak

Last January 10, 2016 My friend and I climbed Mt. Pico de Loro Summit and Parrot’s Beak Monolith.

Mt. Pico de Loro is situtated between Cavite and Batangas. We climbed from the Ternate, Cavite DENR station and went back to the same trail. Some hikers prefer traversing from the Parrot’s Beak going to Nasugbu, Batangas.

It was my second hike so far. The trail is actually steeper and more challenging than that of Mt. Pinatubo. But you have to be careful since its a bit slippery and also rocky.

Our tour guide, Kuya Marvin. He’s very friendly and funny!

Our group was happy with Kuya Marvin’s service, so we  decided to give him additional tip. =) And they have guide dogs too (cute!) who will join the hikers. Elli was our guide dog but he was busy sniffing rats and/or snakes around so he was left behind according to our tour guide.

Elli the Guide Dog

For the registration before the start of the trek you will need to pay 25 pesos and log in your name at the DENR station and you will meet your tour guide.

There will be 8 stations. You will see the number painted on tree trunks. If you’re tired you can just tell your tour guide to take a rest for a few minutes. After the 8th station you will reach the camp site. There you can eat and take some pictures near the cliff. Once you are instructed by your tour guide, you can now hike the summit of Mt. Pico de Loro.

The summit of Mt. Pico de Loro is higher than the summit of Parrot’s Beak. We did some crawling and climbing stuff and we were told to step on the hard rocks because the little rocks will make you slide downward which is dangerous.


it took us almost an hour or two before our  turn to climb the monolith- parrot’s beak. Damn! It was very cold and windy!

Its a sigh relief once you reach the top. For me this was the most challenging part of the hike since my legs are short, its very hard to position my foot on what rock should I step on specially while going down the monolith.

Mt. Pico de Loro summit in the background 🙂



Now back to reality. Work and Law School.

Next adventure ⇒ Wawa Dam/Wawa River, Pamitinan Cave, Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan located at Montalban, Rizal. =)



first time-hiker, first time on travelling solo




First climb! What a fulfillment!


My first ever climb… More mountains to climb!

Last May 16, 2015, it was my first time travelling alone. Technically alone because I didn’t invite anyone to come with me. I was a a total stranger to the groups of people inside the van. What’s good was that I had the confidence to befriend those who were with me (a compromise between me and them with regards to taking pictures HAHAHAHA!).

We left SM MOA at around 3:30 and arrived at Capas, Tarlac at around 6:30am. There we had breakfast at McDonald’s. Guys! Just a heads-up, you’ll only get a phone signal (all networks) at McDonalds’. Once you arrive at the Jump-off point, there’s no signal. Cons- can’t update your instagram post on the very moment you reach the Crater Lake.

Upon arriving at the Barangay, you just have to wait for the 4×4 vehicle that you’re going to ride and enjoy before you start trekking. It was definitely an off-road adventure, foe asthmatics and allergic people, just bring a gas mask because the dust on the way is like a face powder or a polvoron. Lol. And the best location is at the back where you can stand while enjoying the bumpy ride. Most of the 4×4 vehicles there were Toyota FJ40 land cruiser but I also saw an old Mitsubishi model as well as Jeep.




You will also pass by (on your left-side) the way to the Aeta Community. The driver and the Aeta tourist guide will stop somewhere before the start of the trek for photops and for you to meet some of the Aeta kids that are lingering around. We had 2 stop-overs. 🙂

First stop-over



Second stop over


Just a reminder, the Aeta driver and tour guides are friendly do you might as well give them food and water for their snack. 🙂

I even interviewed our Tour Guide and let him took most of my pictures, he’s very friendly and he said that they were taught how to speak in Tagalog.

You will also see biker clubs biking all the way and carrying there mountain bikes up the Crater Lake. (wow! they really have the stamina).


The funny thing during the hike was that, we saw this sign while we were trekking. This is a lie, before we saw this, we have already started the trek and to reach crater upon seeing this sign, it took us 45 minutes or 1 hour, depending on your excitement and strength.


Upon reaching the crater you can take pictures and eat there. Reminder, clean as you go. And you must bring a lot of water or food for you to avoid buying from the sellers there. Mind you, Coke Sakto costs 100 pesos, of course, who will take the effort of trekking just to sell? So it’s definitely justifiable.



Overall it was a fulfilling experience for me. Looking forward to climb more mountains!! Once in a while, travel while you are still able.. just make sure you save enough for your next trip whether you are alone, with friends, family, or special someone.


Soon.. Mt. Pico de Loro on December 2015!!